Carbon steel for construction

Carbon steel for construction

Construction steels are generally carbon-manganese steels. They have a guaranteed tensile and yield strength and are available in different formats.

Furthermore, construction steels have a good ductility which makes them suitable for the most diverse structural uses. They are used in the field of civil engineering for the construction of metal constructions as a load-bearing structural element. We are talking, for example, of pylons and trusses. These steels also find space in both ordinary and prestressed reinforced concrete works.

Characteristics of construction steels

Among the various characteristics of construction steel we cannot fail to mention the fact that they have an excellent ratio between strength and weight. For this reason, they are suitable for making structures that are light but, at the same time, solid and characterized by high slenderness.

Construction steels, however, are not fire resistant, as they lose their mechanical characteristics as the temperature rises and are subject to corrosion. This means that it is necessary to proceed with the coating of construction steels or protect them with anti-rust paints.

EN 10025 is the specification that regulates structural steels.

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