Trade in steel products

Who we are

Sideria s.r.l. has been operating in the steel market since 1980.
The range of products is mainly focused on special construction steels in continous cast and rolled versions.

The core business, in particular, is represented by long products in special steel intended for hot forging and mechanical processing.

Since 2015, Sideria has expanded its spaces and today owns a warehouse capable of satisfying the ever-increasing customer demand.

The stored material is produced by primary European and extra-European steel mills, degassed, with high reduction ratios and certified in origin by the steel mills, 100% checked for internal and surface defects and for anti-mixing.


Carbon steels for construction are suitable for the most diverse structural uses. They are carbon-manganese steels with guaranteed minimum tensile strength and yield strength.


Quench and tempering steels include alloyed or unalloyed structural steels and are used in vehicle construction and mechanical and plant engineering. Their maximum hardness depends on their carbon content.


Case-hardening steels have a relatively low carbon content. They are mainly used in automotive, mechanical and plant engineering. They are intended for a hardening process that involves carburizing and tempering.


In addition to steels according to EN / ISO specifications, Sideria meets different needs by offering steel grades according to customer specifications or according to other international specifications. Among these, for example: DANA Graziano, ZF, Caterpillar, FIAT / CNH / IVECO and ASTM A182.

Sideria is quality synonymous

The quality of the products offered is the fundamental point of Sideria, therefore the company only relies on steel mills able to meet the standards imposed by domestic, european and international specifications.

The material offered meets the following minimum requirements:

  • vacuum degassed steel
  • produced from ingot or continuous casting with minimum reduction ratio 4:1 for carbon steels, minimum 6:1 for all others
  • surface defects: max 0.3 mm according to EN 10221, class B.
  • internal defects: ultrasonic inspection according to EN 10308 class 3, SEP 1920 or similar.
  • microinclusions: according to UNI 3244: 80 method K4 max 30 or according to ASTM E 45 method JK At/Ah max 2/1,5; Bt/Bh max 2/1.5; Ct/Ch max 1/1; Dt/Dh max 1/1.
  • Austenitic grain: according to EN ISO 643 McQuaid enhanced method 5-8.

In addition, all materials are immediately checked upon arrival in the warehouse: this allows to minimize any technical problems.

Sideria sales department is always available to accurately analyze any critical issues and resolve them in the shortest possible time.

Sideria’s promise of quality and reliability is guaranteed by the certifications:

ISO 9001 (obtained in 2015)

ISO 9001: 2015 (obtained in 2018)  


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